Art Galery

Mme Armelle Andréis
5, rue du Père Burles
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Armelle Andreis paintings combine vivid colours and textured materials to create a sculpted, animated surface with shadows and lights that prompt an irrepressible desire to touch the work. Provence is the dominant theme. Armelle Andréis paintings are listed in price catalogues (Mayer, Art Price, Akoun, etc).

Mr Daniel Mathieu
48 bis Grand Rue
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Daniel MATHIEU was influenced at a very early age by Ambrogiani. He then developed his own style, which has grown more pronounced over the years. Oils and sand add texture to his canvasses and provide an elegant structure in his compositions. Motifs are stylised in their very essence. “From figurative art I have gently moved on to more abstract, unadorned work”.

Mr Stéphane Dubois
Av. des Frères Roqueplan

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By appointement only

Stéphane DUBOIS probably brings colour to life like no other artist. His generous and vibrant improvisations in pigment are a tribute to living light. His pictorial, abstract and lyrical language is inspired by clarity, transparency and musicality to express a universal profoundness. His paintings take us with strength and gentleness along a journey to the heart of our sensitivity and our inner world.


Le Mas Chatelan
Bastide Chatelan – Chemin de Lambesc

Tél : 04 90 57 45 65

Bargain hunting? The selection of old furniture and objets d’art in the provençal country house belonging to Anne-Marie and Bernard MORLON will fulfil your every desire and you might even find the item you’ve always wanted! Who knows…[/blockquote]

Pottery – Ceramics

Karine Sédes
Atelier 1000 et une facettes
2 Rue Clastres
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I discovered earthenware rather by chance when I was 18 and I’ve never abandoned it. I was trained in shapring and the mysteries of fire and colours and discovered the path for me, which is broad and as long as I could wish”. In the old village of Mallemort Karine Sedes has created a ceramics workshop designed above all to host children from ages 4 to 12 …

The glazed earthenware technique offers the possibility of decorating with brushwork and is in the grasp of children. The earthenware technique affords a wide field for researching  magnificent enamel colours. To each his own and at his or her own pace. Sessions can  be organised by appointment. The workshop hopes to offer you some time to reflect on things of the earth… [/blockquote]

Sculptures – Designs

Anne Mourat
32 Grand Rue
13370 Mallemort
By appointement only

Anne has always been passionate about the arts, she started carving in Burkina Faso, during an internship at the traditional foundry who carve their works in beeswax. These works are made from modelling clay then fired in bronze or resin. Women and men are at the heart of her artistic work; humanity is for her an inexhaustible source of questions, wonder and inspiration.

 Supported by a rigorous preliminary work in anatomy, however it’s decidedly figurative expression plays disproportions, exacerbations of forms in the body, in order to amplify the size, and give the size she wants to see: the power of life.

In this region, Anne’s sculptures are on permanent display at the “Gallery Zeal of Angels”, rue du Temple, Lourmarin.  She also exhibits her work in Saint-Malo, Switzerland, the United States and Senegal. [/blockquote]


Noortje Piccer
19 Rue Bellevue
13370 Mallemort
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By appointment only

“In everyday life I am quick to see things that inspire my creations. I am drawn to pieces of any materials of any description, for colour, a curve, a line, a degradation left by time.  At the same time in my workshop, I have many items such as, sheet metal, wood, etc, salvaged from here and there, I work with them, grinding, folding, cutting and studying them.

All these pieces around me are all materials that inspire my designs.  Some days I am drawn to one of the pieces of material in particular, and a new creation begins to take shape, a new work of art unfolds.[/blockquote]